First blog post

Summer time is for alchemy and for my 2017 magnum opus I will be doing the great work while following Paracelsus alchemical writings in an experiment which I call the Paracelsus method of confecting the philosopher’s stone. The great sages wrote in secret codes which were not meant for the uninitiated to understand, however as the years of experience set in it becomes natural to follow the clues left in the hermetic writings of the ancient sages recognizing them for what they are. Often times an alchemical tract will speak of complex operations when the hidden meaning was simply one single word which tends to be recognized only after years of study coupled with hands on alchemical experience. The philosopher’s were what we would call in modern terminology very “deep” and communicated on a much higher philosophical or even spiritual level. Many people who come to alchemy find themselves confused or what is called “lost in the labyrinth”. Alchemy or the predecessor to modern science has always been a subject for those with an advanced intellect coupled with great patience and a genuine interest in the ancient science. Those who are motivated or driven by greed never seem to do well with alchemy and they often bash the works of others. This has been mentioned throughout the centuries in alchemical texts such as the master adept Alexander Seton being reportedly tortured for refusing to divulge his knowledge of alchemical science to those (his captors) whom “God” had apparently deemed “unworthy” to possess the higher knowledge. In modern times this might be phrased differently as the ignorant or impatient and biblical quotes refer to this matter or “situation” as the ignorant and the wise. And so begins my alchemical journey of the year 2017 which will be periodically updated with words and or images however keeping in true tradition with the ancients wherein the deeper meaning is conveyed through traditional alchemical symbolism which is meant for other adepts who have earned their knowledge in the ancient way that Theophrastus Paracelsus described in his writings as “one will never truly know our secret alchemical art until one has put thine hand unto the fire and learned the inner workings as well as the vessels necessary for the work by experience and manual labor”. This is not copied word for word however it is quoted from memory with a deeper understanding of the message conveyed to modern artists or practitioners of the great work of the sun and moon.           Steven School. February 8, 2017.


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