The book of aquarius

The book of aquarius

The book of Aquarius is in my opinion one of the best books on alchemy as far as modern alchemical texts are concerned. It appears to be written in the ancient alchemical tradition of the adepts who conveyed their secret knowledge about the philosopher’s stone through philosophical writings which seem to be in modern terminology very “deep”. As Michael Sendivogius advised in his new chemical light believed to be written by his mentor Alexander Seton, “if you only understand my true meaning rather than the outer husk of my words”. This rings true in my mind as the rungs of the alchemical ladder are ascended. Ancient alchemical texts as well as modern alchemy books are said to become very easy to read and understand when one possesses the secret key to understanding alchemy. The book of Aquarius is written simple and straight forward like a secret alchemy recipe book for those who know the materials needed for the creation of the philosopher’s stone. It is important to remember that the sages loved to write philosophically, and to use secret alchemical code words such as the menstrual blood of the whore, mercury, horse dung, mercury simplex, mercury duplex, piss, urine, blood, all kinds of philosophical names to camouflage the true ingredients of their secret work. The book of Aquarius then, in my opinion reads like the authentic alchemical tracts of the ancient adepts for those who have the pass keys to alchemy as it were.

Article written by Steven School, modern alchemist and alchemical author. the book of aquarius forum   The book of Aquarius