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Wow, look at the price of gold! twenty years or so ago I was buying 1 ounce gold coins at three hundred and five dollars apiece. Back then I was also purchasing 1 ounce silver bars at seven dollars before I began upgrading to the ten ounce silver bullion bars. As the years flew by the price of silver spiked, the value of those silver rounds, silver bars, and gold coins skyrocketed. I remember when the five dollar gold pieces were only 35 dollars apiece. I also remember way back to the days when the price of gold was around two hundred dollars per ounce. when I was just a kid, an adult told me about his investment, he was a carpenter and every so often he would go to a flea market in Galt, California and purchase silver bars. He would keep track of current silver values and showed me his collection of interesting looking silver bars stamped on top with a horseshoe imprint. Mind you that this was way back in the early eighties and there is no telling when he actually started collecting his bullion. The man bragged to me that these collectible silver bars had cost him only two dollars apiece. Imagine what it would be like to have those today! Not only has the value of silver risen, but there is also the collectors value of those unique antique silver bars. Nowadays people are jumping on the bandwagon about bitcoin. The values are skyrocketing they say. It makes me contemplate about these things and it seems if only we had known beforehand! Could we have purchased the cryptocurrency earlier at say six dollars per bitcoin? Surely some lucky few must have had in inkling and invested when the time was right. Should I pay thousands of dollars for a bitcoin now and hope to recover my money? I think not. I believe that the metals have been shown to hold their value and to produce a viable increase over time, I also believe that to gain financially in an investment situation we have to get in when the time is right. If someone buys one share of stock at five cents, and twenty years later that stock is worth 1.5 million dollars per share, that is an example of a good investment. Especially if you had bought 100 shares at a nickel apiece. We cannot know in advance which secret investment strategy will make us rich because insider trading is probably illegal. However we can study investment strategy trends and utilize this information to make informed decisions. So time has shown that metallic bullions in coins, bars or rounds have been time tested proven investments holding their worth and showing healthy profits as the years go by. Should we spend big money on something hoping to make a profit? I say no. It is of no use in my opinion to show up a day late and a dollar short having missed the proverbial “boat” so to speak. We have to make our move when the time is right. Most people “asleep” have not even begun to wake up to the investment opportunity that I am about to expose to your benefit. Wait a minute, someone made Copper bullion bars? why would they do that? The price is still cheap! well folks we are in the digital information age with everything focused upon computer, cameras, electronics of all sorts and copper is what makes the digital world go round. It looks to me as if we are poised at that crucial moment in investment strategy that we can jump on the proverbial bandwagon and get in while the getting is good. My bet is that twenty years from now when I am approaching retirement age investment grade copper bullion will mimic what gold and silver has done. Checkout investment grade copper bars and rounds or even investment grade copper rounds by clicking here A friend once told me that time heals all wounds, but time has also shown that gold, silver, and copper have been used as money even in the ancient world. Penny stocks have gained popularity because the wise investor know to buy low and sell high, and pennies are associated with copper. The smart investor turns pennies into millions my friend, and that is my advice. Article written by Steven School.

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