Swollen lymph nodes

When I was a little kid we moved to a small town in the mountains where each house had its own water well. A teacher at school told us we had to gargle and rinse with flouride and that it was mandatory. Very soon after I developed a non painful lump behind my left ear. This lump appeared quickly and then remained unchanged for decades to come. Doctors didn’t seem to have much to say about it at the time. Four decades later there is finally a change. I suddenly noticed a painful node had appeared on the lump. I scratched it away with my finger nail. Liquid came out and it quickly scabbed over. Since I was laying in bed in the darkness i did not know what color the liquid was, either pus or blood. I kept scratching the scab about once every 30 seconds so it would keep draining. Two days have gone by. The lump is smaller than it used to be and now the skin over it seems to be peeling off. Breaking news, new update, couple days later, getting intense headaches nights and mornings, waking up with them. I did join a gym and research indicates that excessive workouts can cause headaches since they bring the blood pressure up in the brains arteries. Lump is currently scabbed over. Picking at it will cause it to bleed.

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