Intermediate studies in alchemy

Voltaire, in a letter to Frederick II, referred to him as “a man who never dies, and who knows everything.” Saint Germain is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating personalities of recorded history. The activities of this illustrious master have been documented for more than a century (1710 – 1822) throughout the courts of Europe. To the peoples of many lands Saint Germain was considered a citizen, for he spoke twelve languages with the fluency of a native. Composing and improvising on the piano without music and playing the violin “like an orchestra” or but a few of the achievements that demonstrate the stunning genius of the “Wonderman of Europe.” To remove the false from precious gems was a simple task for the master alchemist. Neither was beyond his ability to transmute base metals into gold. According to the confidence in the court of Louis XV, Madame Pompadour, he possessed a miraculous elixir that could prolong life. Aside from the prodigious, Saint Germain’s strongest attribute is his devotion to the freedom and enlightenment of all mankind. His never-ending service to life will stand as a tribute to this distinguished master for generations to come. In Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, Saint Germain introduces the alchemical formulas for self-mastery. Through the applied study of this science, you can climb the levels of higher consciousness. You can learn to control the elements that affect your life and the lives of those around you.

Alchemy book
Saint Germain on alchemy study.

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