Did Alchemist’s find a secret water which dissolves gold or gem stones?

Alchemy of Steven School.


Secret water alchemy

Alchemists from previous centuries indicated a belief in a secret water which they apparently felt was known only to them that supposedly dissolved gold and gem stones. Writings attributed to the alchemist and scholar Michael Sendivogius mentioned “a heavenly water not wetting the hands and yet not rainwater”, some type of philosophical “mercury”.

Gold dissolve water alchemy image Steven School
A small gold nugget in secret water alchemy, does the gold appear to be dissolving and coagulating into a red stone like glass? Alchemy of Steven School.

The writings of Nicholas Flamel suggest that “one must know with what metallic agent “mercury” is to be fortified with or it will be as common water”. Other writings indicated a water which supposedly “dissolves gold like ice in warm water” and theoretically leading to the creation of a ruby red colored glass like stone which might sometimes revert to a red oil. My alchemy research indicated this secret water to be a clear liquid perhaps called the blood of the green lion. The bible mentions something about the path to the tree or garden is protected by a flaming sword which points in all directions. I understood this as Iron pyrite. Alchemy was supposed to be known by a series of color changes in which the color yellow is mentioned, a green lion, a black stage or ravens head which was also called putrefaction and a work of Saturn or the reign of Saturn, a white stage, a Peacock’s tail, blue, purple, and a final fixed red. In my alchemy experiments with iron pyrite I encountered all of these colors. I extracted from iron pyrite with white vinegar from a grocery store, I added a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which I believed made peracetic acid, the vinegar became yellow like a golden water. I poured this off and continued the extractions on the same iron pyrite which I had originally ground up in a mortar and pestle at the beginning of this work.

A peacocks tail, alchemy of Steven School on youtube.

Alchemy peacocks tail image
A peacocks tail, alchemy

A peacock’s tail, alchemy of Steven School.

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