The Philosopher’s Tree

The Tree of Diana

Diana’s Tree (Latin: Arbor Diana or Dianae), also known as the Philosopher’s Tree (Arbor Philosophorum), was considered a precursor to the Philosopher’s Stone and resembled coral in regards to its structure. It is a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, obtained from mercury in a solution of silver nitrate; so-called by the alchemists, among whom “Diana” stood for silver;the arborescence of this amalgam, which even included fruit-like forms on its branches, led pre-modern chemical philosophers to theorize the existence of life in the kingdom of minerals. Credit Wikipedia.

Black and white alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Mercury is toxic.

The Philosopher’s tree was also known as Diana’s Tree, Arbor Dianae and as Arbor Philosophorum. It is a thought by some to be a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, named for Diana because in the alchemical world Diana stands for silver. Alchemists however were rumored to work on the procreation of metals from alchemically prepared substances, therefore some persons tend to believe that perhaps silver was not utilized in the experiments but might have been created by the alchemical process itself.

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