What does immunization mean?

The following definitions found in online search results. Definition of immunization;



  1. resistant to a particular infection or toxin owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

    “they were naturally immune to hepatitis B”

    • protected or exempt, especially from an obligation or the effects of something.
      “they are immune from legal action”


      not subject

      not liable


      not vulnerable
      not open

      not exposed
      protected from
      safe from

      secure against

      not in danger of

      exempt from
      clear of

      free from

      unaffected by

      proof against
      freed from

      absolved from
      released from

      excused from
      relieved of

      spared from
      excepted from

      exempted from

      let off



    • not affected or influenced by something.
      “no one is immune to his immense charm”

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