Philosopher’s Stone Alchemy

Philosopher’s stone alchemy. What does the moon represent in alchemy? In the Hermetic sciences,The moon represents argentum, silver, the female principle or Luna. Alchemical mercury and the lunar principal or the divine androgyne which symbolizes the bride in the chemical wedding. The dew falls from heaven and purifies the body making it ready to receive the soul marked by the albedo, or whitening stage in which
Mercurius Luna restores the dismembered dragon to life preceeding the creation of the red philosopher’s stone thought to exist as a dry red powder or red sulfur made from the philosophers’ stone. Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel.

ARS Brevis Short Path Alchemy. The short path of alchemy is sometimes called the dry path of alchemy. This reminds me of an old alchemy letter associated with the alchemist Nicholas Flamel which said “Not to be confused on this point”. Alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Subscribe for updates.

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