What is the hottest penny stock to buy in 2020?

I recently overhauled my stock portfolio and revamped my investment strategy adding Tesla Bitcoin and Apple among other stocks. I chose stock in Apple and Kroger to add dividend payouts to my income stream and while i was looking over the different companies i noticed that Gopro stock had fallen under $4.00 per share which qualifies it as a penny stock. As i read into the background information available online it appears that the Gopro Hero 8 camera had good sales. I also saw articles written by stock market gurus warning to avoid this stock altogether. However my research indicates that Gopro is preparing to release a new camera as the Gopro Hero 9 and further there has been rumour of Apple possibly investing in the company as well. One article i read suggested that Gopro stock has actually been up around $100 dollars per share before. Now my opinion is that with new releases on the horizon and the possibility of a big corporate merger taking place there is a very good chance that Gopro stock will show a healthy recovery and with this in mind i jumped in with both feet adding it to my portfolio. When i researched penny stocks as an investment i never expected to find Gopro! I use Gopro myself and fully believe this to be the single hottest penny stock of 2020.

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Check out the Gopro hero 9 leaks here

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