The Actum Leyden Alchemy Letter

The actum leyden alchemy letter is basically an alchemical manuscript depicting a secret alchemy process called the dew and salt method. It references alchemists working with dew and sea salt in a highly guarded secret alchemy recipe or formula. Some versions of the actum leyden alchemy letter also mention the use of gold chloride as well as silver chloride. Wrapping this ‘philosopher’s stone” in wax is also mentioned as well as melting it with gold to create what the letter calls “the projection powder”. Multiplication is also described as well as open/closed flask and heating instructions. I dare say i believe the ingredients listed in the actum leyden letter are probably code names substituted for other substances. Advanced crystal growing comes to mind.

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Cracking the lapidus philosopher’s stone recipe alchemy YouTube video

Cracking The Lapidus Philosopher’s Stone Alchemy Recipe

Lapidus in pursuit of gold is an interesting alchemy book or alchemical manuscript on the philosopher’s stone of alchemy. The book seems to be written by an intelligent mind (David Curwen) perhaps as a guiding light in the creation of the philosopher’s stone of alchemy. However, the ingredients for this alchemy recipe seem to be shrouded in mystery as if some secret key is missing. It may be seen as the ultimate brain teaser for brilliant minds. I remember years ago in the distant past of younger days reading in some long forgotten place legend has it that when the alchemist is ready, “The Book” will appear. A book which no one will name, yet some have called the book of three words. I felt the urge one day to go on a road trip across country to California. A compulsive impulse as it were, in my travels i happened to walk through a second hand store and browse the shelves. I eventually made my way to the book section thinking i might find something on learning to speak Spanish when an old book caught my eye. It was mingled in with the other books and for some unknown reason i felt compelled to pick it up. I held this book in my hands and began to look it over feeling almost as though a certain magnetism existed pulling my fingers toward it. As i opened the cover and flipped through the pages, the word alchemy caught my eye. I thumbed through the sections speed reading until my eyes landed upon three words which reminded me of an old alchemy manuscript; The alchemist administered the blood oath, never to reveal the secret of this magistery to any unworthy person upon pain of suffering and death. As the young man accepted the alchemist scratched three words in the dirt and said with this secret key you will understand the alchemical manuscripts of the adepts, the door has been opened unto you. The old man erased the words which he had written and turned to walk away, never to be seen again. The younger initiate was left standing there to watch the sunrise finish its golden illumination upon the earth. I closed the book and placed it back upon the shelf, i had seen the message therein. There was no need to covet the book or to impede its further travels unto its next destination. Perhaps one day it will find its way to you. My idea here is to take the three words which i saw in the book, and apply them to the great work of alchemy as it is depicted in Lapidus in pursuit of gold alchemy book by David Curwen. The “egg” was composed today, depicted in this video. Subscribe to the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel for updates. Hopefully this summer i will be able to compose another alchemy experiment based upon my interpretation of the Nicholas Flamel path of alchemy which will be a different alchemical composition than this video depicts. A different recipe, for a different philosopher’s stone. Do not try this at home. This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided here. Alchemy 2020 book of 3 words.

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Alchemy experiments at home

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Alchemy YouTube video will my philosopher’s stone turn mercury into gold?

Do not try this at home.

Alchemy YouTube Video

When Hermes saw the water thickening, Rejoice! Alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Mercury is toxic. Amalgamation, putrefaction, multiplication.

YouTube videos about alchemy.

YouTube videos about alchemy

Secrets Of The Philosopher’s Stone


Alchemy and the philosopher’s stone alchemical research of Steven School. Do not try this at home! This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. The black stage of the great work. In ancient times the great work of alchemy or the quest for the philosopher’s stone was said to have been primarily recognized by a series of color changes which was rumored to consist of both primary and secondary colors. The colors of the great work of alchemy mainly emphasized Black, White, and Red along with Caudia Pavonis or The Peacock’s Tail as the main points of focus. Secondary colors may have included citrinatas, the green lion of alchemy, and a royal purple which was apparently called “Bathed in the Purple Glory”. Ancient alchemist’s theoretically worked upon secret exotic matter or “Our Earth” by adding “Sophick Mercury” which was rumored to have been a secret water and not common elemental mercury, Whitening or “Cooking” the matter hence the phrase “alchemists burn with water, not fire” However medieval alchemy was known to have used at least four types of “fire” one of which being elemental fire.

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Alchemy And The Secret Fire Of Nature

A secret fire not wetting the hands and not burning the matter. Alchemy of Steven School. Do Not Try This At Home. For The Steven School Alchemy Website Click Here

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Disclaimer- This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. Do not try this at home. Not for human consumption.


alembic distillation vessel alchemy glass

alchemist alembic distillation vessel from Germany