Multiplication of The Green Lion in The Wet Path of Alchemy

The wet path of alchemy magnum opus of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. In the ancient hermetic science of alchemy there are said to be wet and dry paths in the magnum opus creation of a philosopher’s stone. These two luminaries are often symbolized by red or green lions. Multiplication of the philosopher’s stone in alchemy was said to have two types. The first was a believed to be a multiplication in quantity, the second a multiplication of virtue. Multiplication of The Green Lion in The Wet Path of Alchemy.

Salt of dew alchemy

How did Alchemist’s sublimate the salt of dew with alchemy?

Putrefaction occurs in winter followed by regeneration in spring. As Hermes has stated in the emerald tablet, “The wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse”. This video depicts a philosophical sublimation after putrefaction which ferments the dew creating the salt in the earth and then a separation of layers occurs which is done in water according to the alchemy focused upon in the video. Alchemy of Steven School. Do Not Try This At Home.

How to make a plant stone alchemy

Salt oak alchemy

Water of crystallization

Alchemy crystal growing experiment.

Alchemy book
Alchemy book

Blue Vitriol Alchemy Experiment

What is vitriol in alchemy?
V.I.T.R.I.O.L. stands for Visita Interiora Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, or Visit the interior of the earth and by rectification find the occult lapis.
Blue vitriol is a water soluble crystalline salt of copper. Toxic.  It is used in insecticides and germicides, in electrolytes for batteries, and in electroplating baths. Oil of vitriol is said to be blue in liquid form but dries to a white salt. I am not highlighting scientific blue vitriol, this is the alchemical version of blue vitriol. 

Blue Vitriol Alchemy TV Ionic Copper Nitrate Solution alchemy Science Experiment by Steven School Alchemy

Copper nitrate blue vitriol Ionic solution alchemy of Steven School Do Not Try This At Home. Alchemy 2020. Toxic. Copper metal reacted or reduced with Nitric acid theoretically making an ionic copper solution or copper nitrate alchemists blue vitriol. Alchemy science experiment. Not for consumption. This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here.

alchemy book titled alchemy and the green lion by steven school alchemy
alchemy book green lion


alchemy book 12 keys basil valentine
Alchemy book Twelve keys of Basilius Valentinus

blue vitriol alchemy science compound
blue vitriol alchemy

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blue vitriol alchemy science compound

The antimonial compound of Basil Valentine

Alchemists wrote many things in coded riddles including such terms as antimony.

Animated mercury was another term used in alchemy.

The antimonial compound of Basil Valentine
Alchemy and the secret water

The Secret Gold of the Alchemists

Inside the alchemical sun lies hidden, the secret gold of the alchemists.

Alchemy and the seed of gold by Steven School.

Alchemy experiments at home

Watch “Ancient Secret Alchemy Recipe Formula” alchemy video documentary on YouTube.

Gold of the sun, alchemy youtube video by Steven School Alchemy.

Aqua Vitae Elixir of life drink alchemy video white rabbit alchemy potable gold aurum potabile.

Little alchemy furnace construct alchemy video YouTube. The great work.

Alchemy YouTube video will my philosopher’s stone turn mercury into gold?

Do not try this at home.

Secret water alchemy

Did Alchemist’s find a secret dissolving water called alkahest, or a heavenly water not wetting the hands (Michael Sendivogius). Did Alchemist’s have a secret water to dissolve gem stones? Is there in alchemy a secret water that gently dissolves gold without violence? Was this the secret fire of Alchemy? Or a secret crystal water? Alchemy of Steven School.

Alchemy image
Alchemy secret water

What is the philosopher’s stone made from? Alchemy

Years ago while doing extensive internet research regarding alchemy and the philosopher’s stone I came across a tidbit that one of the old alchemists (I forgot which one) had made his philosopher’s stone in a previous century from iron pyrite.

The following is alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. This blog post does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here.

Article written by Steven School.

I had already been contemplating this mineral iron pyrite as perhaps the philosopher’s stone of alchemy and I feel there are many supporting factors which made this a good candidate to fill the question what is the philosopher’s stone made from? Since then I have performed numerous alchemy experiments on iron pyrite in attempt to recreate the philosopher’s stone of alchemy. I found many things in the pyrite. One of my experiments went as follows, I ground iron pyrite in a mortar and pestle before placing it in a large glass pickle jar. I added mostly white vinegar from Wal Mart and a little hydrogen peroxide. I loosely covered the top with saran wrap to keep the dust out but if pressure arose it could find vent before breaking the glass. The vinegar became yellow like golden water. I poured this off into a large vision ware bowl to evaporate outdoors on an electric hot plate set on low. I repeated the extractions on the iron pyrite and kept adding it to the evaporation pot. When the matter became like a green gum I thought this is the green lion from alchemy. I carefully finished drying it in warm sunlight to avoid burning the green stuff. I scraped the dry acetate? Into a borosilicate retort and distilled it on low heat. It turned black which is supposed to be a good sign in alchemy. It’s supposed to be the first color change seen in the creation of the philosopher’s stone during the great work of the Magnum opus. A clear liquid came over the helm which I placed in a borosilicate round flask. I added a small gold nugget which I had pounded flat and thin with a hammer before washing it. I stoppled the flask close  with a ground glass stopper and placed it in a sand bath gradually increasing the heat. The stopper popped out a few times from the mounting pressure but I put it back in. I had to get the heat hot which seemed to help. The secret metallic water of Alchemy seemed to be dissolving the gold. A red glass like stone formed in my flask which is on the cover of my book alchemy survival guide by Steven School.

Red philosopher's stone alchemy
One of Steven School’s red alchemy philosopher’s stones on the cover of Alchemy survival guide book.

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