Insane! Ninja Combat Tactical Throwing Knives!

Insane! Ninja Combat Tactical Throwing Knives! Insane! Ninja Combat Tactical Throwing Knives!

ninja throwing knives



MASSIVE Silver Spill Found at an Old Home Site! Metal Detecting Lots of Old and Silver Coins

MASSIVE Silver Spill Found at an Old Home Site! Metal Detecting Lots of Old and Silver Coins

Detecting gold in Nevada

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10 Greatest Metal Detecting Finds of All Time

10 Greatest Metal Detecting Finds of All Time

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treasure hunting drone quadcopter video platform

With renewed interest in hobby treasure hunting focused upon old or “lost” gold mines such as the lost Dutchman goldmine a video camera drone quadcopter platform sure seems like the ideal tool since looking with my eyes is much easier than looking with my feet. The word on the street is that supposedly someone found an old Spanish saddle bag from the 1800’s laying on the desert floor near superstition mountain at apache junction in Arizona by a historical area known as the massacre site. The story goes that at some point in the 1800’s a group of gold miners leaving the lost Dutchman goldmine were attacked and massacred by a band of Apache Indians who had no use for the gold they were carrying and so left it where it lay on the desert floor for all these years. The internet is buzzing about someone finding one of those saddlebags and opening it to discover that it was full of gold. Many people believe that gold miners buried treasure all through and around superstition mountain because the lost Dutchman gold mine produced more gold than anyone could carry. Research indicates that superstition mountain is a volcano that has erupted five times. Many scientists believe that gold can form in lava flows and that if sulfur is present in the equation eight times more gold might be produced. Legend has it that the gold vein in the lost Dutchman goldmine is two feet thick in places and that it runs all the way through superstition mountain. A quadcopter video drone would be the perfect treasure hunting tool to survey the mountain sides as well as scour the desert floor while sitting in the shade of a patio umbrella. The hill sides are also said to be abundant in primitive cliff dwellings from some ancient or possibly even prehistoric people. There is no telling what kind of artifacts may have been left behind. I think it would be interesting to conduct video drone surveys (climbing to old cliff dwellings can be dangerous) and make youtube videos with the quadcopter video drone. Article written by Steven School.

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Nothing gold can stay, Robert Frost

Natures first green is gold,

her hardest hue to hold,

her early leaf’s a flower,

but only so an hour,

then leaf subsides to leaf,

so eden sank to grief,

so dawn goes down to day,

nothing gold can stay.

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Johnsonville sausage cooker

Italian sausages have always been one of my favorite things to cook at home or even order when dining at upscale Italian restaurants. Whether I am having spaghetti and garlic bread or grilling out with steaks, ribs, chicken and hamburger you can bet Italian sausages will most likely be in the mix. Some people prefer Johnsonville brats which are also good. Just this morning I accidentally discovered a convenient sausage cooker which I like because not only is it electric but it is also based on the concept of healthy cooking much as the George Foreman grill where the fat melts out and drains away as the meat is cooked so my arteries can breath a sigh of relief!

Article written by Steven School. Author of The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book

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The lost treasure of the superstition mountains

East of Phoenix Arizona near Apache Junction lies the superstition mountains. Legend has it that in the 1850’s a member of the Peralta family fled into the area while on the run. The story of Superstition Mountain and the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

images of the superstion mountains

As the story goes the journey began in the direction of a prominent landmark called weaver’s needle. While trekking through the area he supposedly found a rich gold deposit which he began to mine before bringing back others to help.

lost dutchman mine cluesThe bible on the lost dutchman gold mine

Jacob Waltz 1810-1891 was said to have crossed paths with those who knew about the mine and they supposedly bragged the whole story to him before he promptly drew his gun and shot them dead. Jacob Waltz was said to have taken over the mine becoming very rich and concealing its location by killing all who followed him into the mountains or inadvertently crossed his path as he travelled back and forth from the secret location.

Article written by Steven School.

The story of Superstition mountain and the lost Dutchman gold mine

the story of superstition mountain and the lost dutchman gold minethe lost dutchman gold mine and jacob waltz

The bible on the lost dutchman gold mine and Jacob Waltz

Peg leg Smith lost gold mine Colorado


Thomas L Smith 1801-1866 who was perhaps better known as “peg leg smith” trapped beaver, sold furs, and owned a trading post in Idaho along the Oregon trail where he sold horses. In 1827 he earned his nickname pegleg because he was struck by an arrow leading to amputation of the limb as well as the fabrication of a wooden “peg leg” which helped him to walk again.

peg leg smith monument

Legend says that pegleg smith was travelling down the Colorado river at some point between 1820 and 1840 on his way to Los Angeles in southern California. As he trekked across the Colorado desert he encountered an area which he described by the visible landscape as “three buttes”. He began collecting black rocks which he thought to be copper but rumor has it that upon arrival in Los Angeles the nuggets were assayed to reveal gold. The legend of pegleg smith and the black gold nuggets has sparked many treasure hunters to search for pegleg smith’s lost gold mine in the area of the three buttes which is said to be second only to the lost Dutchman gold mine. The story goes that pegleg smith organized at least two search parties to go back and look for the three buttes gold deposit in the Colorado desert with no success.

I’m sure many men have wished they could trap beaver like old pegleg smith.

Article written by Steven School.

Lost Gold and Silver Mines of the Southwest Paperback – October 10, 1996

lost gold mine stories