How To Locate Gold Deposits


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Gold miners typically head for mountains containing rocks and streams. They usually follow the rivers upstream sampling for gold all the way. The best way to start looking for gold is with a metal detector. When gold is found we look at the ravines or gullies on the sides of the river (always moving uphill) to follow the gold to its source, “The Mother Lode” Since erosion causes gold to travel down hillsides into creeks where it sinks and stays put until you find it. The Indians had a much simpler method, they worshipped their Thunder God. They would see where lightning strikes the ground scorching it black since gold is a superconductor making an excellent ground for lightning strikes. Gold is often found where sulfide minerals (like iron pyrite) have decomposed or oxidized in quartz veins. Volcanoes are typically excellent places to look for gold. #ApacheThunderGod

Steven School Alchemy Published on Jul 6, 2018

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Lake Tahoe Stage Coach Gold Bars


According to legend a stagecoach carrying gold bars was loaded onto a barge to be transported across lake Tahoe some time around 1850. The story goes that this coach full of gold also had a coffin strapped on top. A sudden storm with heavy winds was said to have caused rough waters which toppled the stage coach laden heavy with gold bars overboard into lake Tahoe. Rumors mention that the stage coach rests on an underwater ledge next to a steep drop which goes very deep to the bottom of lake Tahoe. Research indicates that divers have found the 1850 stagecoach sank in lake Tahoe and even looked inside. However they were afraid to open the coffin and did not find the gold. Where could it be? Subscribe for updates. Article written by Steven School.

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