Blood…. On The Lampshade…. Coming Soon


I would like to acknowledge the people both alive and deceased who left their footprints in the sands of this book as the years have passed. They say that time heals all wounds but the memories remain for a lifetime. Blood on the Lampshade is the story of two men, now grown, who must make a brutal decision. Do they continue to ignore their dysfunctional relationship… or do the brothers stand together facing the ghosts of their brutal and violent past? Blood… On The Lampshade… Coming Soon… Perhaps to A Theater Near You…

Blood On The Lampshade Based On A True Story Of Violence And Murder.


Blood On The Lampshade Based On A True Story Of Violence And Murder. Is the horrific story of two brothers who grew up in a time when children should rarely be seen and seldom heard. It depicts acts of unfathomable violence and murder which caused post traumatic stress disorder. The names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. It is the heart wrenching story of two grown men coming to terms with the ghosts of the past.

Blood On The Lampshade A Family Torn Apart By Violence And Murder. One of the brothers has been trying to write and publish this book for years unsuccessfully due to issues regarding post traumatic stress disorder. He does not ask for donations of any kind or even a GoFundMe account. I for one, intend to fully support the production of this book. If you would like to help you may do so through me by clicking the subscribe button below this video, (Steven School Alchemy) on YouTube, also by liking and sharing this video, or even by posting POSITIVE comments below this video. The fragile and fractured mind of the author does not need any more abuse, perhaps you will understand when the book is released. #MedicalServiceDogs