High conversion sales funnel strategies that work

High conversion sales strategies that work

Building high conversion sales funnels can be an effective method of increasing both web traffic to your landing page and sales conversion rate.

The basic idea of how to design a high conversion sales funnel that works consists of creating a landing page such as a wordpress blog as well as social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and youtube. The first two of these should be connected to the wordpress blog.

The landing page is designed to promote a product for sale. Here is an example Happy Lungs Breathe Clean Air!

Air purifier

Love fresh air? Bring it inside-whether to your living room, atop a small nightstand, or right next to you at your work. Let it do its work in a small and medium sized rooms, choose from low, medium, or high fan speed settings to meet diffreent air conditons and let the fresh and clean air stay with you. Click Here For More Information About This Product

Now, there is a way to increase our sales potential here, we can simply add product images around the header or footer areas of the blog, or sprinkle them in the blog posts. I utilize the Amazon affiliate program which gives me a vast inventory of other people’s products to sell. I typically embed the affiliate links into the product images along with image title and alt text for search engines. I also like to include live links in my blog posts like this. Click Here To See The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book by Steven School

The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book image
The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book

Now since I am using affiliate links I also need to add a disclaimer such as this one “As an Amazon Associate I earn fees from qualifying purchases”

Social media marketing is now utilized to attract potential customers into the sales funnel with memes, videos, and articles linking back to the landing page.

Effective social media marketing strategies
Click image for more information about effective social media marketing strategies.

Is the Amazon affiliate program any good?

Tankless water heater image

I am happy to say that after years of hard work, periods of doubt and even frustration, my relentless perseverance and refusal to quit or give up has paid off. Today I have experienced my best day ever with the Amazon affiliate program. Last month was actually my worst month in a long time and it caused me to stop and re examine everything I have learned about internet marketing over the years through trial and error. I pondered both the good and bad points of my internet marketing methods and strategies. I became interested in the study of high conversion sales funnels, funnel hacking, and began redesigning my affiliate marketing strategy. I have been working on creating my own ultimate internet affiliate marketing system and with great results. I checked my Amazon affiliate report this morning, I was expecting to see nothing exciting however I was surprised to find sales, and one of them is my highest dollar item so far, a tankless water heater. This opens up a whole new marketing niche for me to add to my super affiliate internet marketing strategy of designing and creating experimental high conversion sales funnels. I am adding a new category to my wordpress blog called trending Amazon Products so I can share which best selling Amazon Products I select based upon my Amazon affiliate sales report. I will also create separate blog posts about trending items on amazon which i research and pick by popularity. Why is today my best day? Because the tankless water heater is the single highest dollar item I have sold through the Amazon affiliate program yet! Article written by Steven School.

Here is a list of products which my Amazon affiliate sales report shows today, starting with my single highest dollar sale so far.

Marey Tankless Water Heater (My Highest Dollar Sale With The Amazon Affiliate Program Yet!)

Aquatix Pro 18″ Strong Aluminum Pool Brush Head

Aquatix pro pool brush head image

Stroke Rehabilitation Equipment

Stroke Rehabilitation equipment

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup

Alchemy And The Green Lion

Alchemy and the green lion book cover image

“As an Amazon Associate I earn fees from qualifying purchases”

You can get more updates about super affiliate marketing, high conversion sales funnels, and amazon trending items at my facebook page Super Affiliate Network Check it Out!

How can bloggers make money with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: Learn How to Make $10,000+ Each Month on Autopilot. Kindle Edition



Whether you are starting an affiliate business or just need help with affiliate marketing I feel it is best to start with affiliate marketing programs that work. Have you wondered how to start affiliate marketing for beginners? or how to create your first affiliate marketing website? Starting an affiliate business begins with choosing the best affiliate marketing program that is right for you. I personally use the amazon affiliate marketing program. Next you may want to learn about internet marketing sales funnels before you build your sales funnel affiliate marketing system. Help with affiliate marketing means networking together, I have put together a list of free internet marketing resources that you may want to utilize.

Rocket Express Internet Marketing Network Is a place where internet marketers can meet and network together.

Youtube Subscriber Network Is a place where you can share your marketing videos and meet other youtubers. The more subscribers you have on youtube, the better off you are.

Book Review Club  Is a place where you can market and promote books for sale whether you wrote them or are simply reselling through an affiliate marketing program. A 99 cent Ebook can be the perfect tool to get other people clicking on your affiliate link. It really doesn’t matter what they buy as long as they are on your affiliate link when they click the buy it now button! This is why I prefer the amazon affiliate program, I simply get people to their website by clicking on my affiliate links, and then the trained marketing professional at amazon can entice them with a wide range of products of which I can easily get a sales commission.

As stated in the youtube video above about Google Sniper, it is best to start internet affiliate marketing by seeking out relatively undiscovered niches to promote since it is much easier to rank high in search engine results. I like to couple this with a low cost product such as a 99 cent kindle ebook like this one Chinese Takeout Recipes I consider this to be a perfect product to get potential customers on my affiliate link.

chinese takeout recipes
Chinese Takeout Recipes Delicious Defined

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube For Free?

How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube For Free?

Hot Dog Toaster

Click here to get your hot dog toaster!

hot dog toaster

How To Create An Online Book Store Or Book Marketing Sales Funnel?

If you are interested in making money with internet sales based on creating an online book store then I have some great ideas! First of all lets start with how to buy wholesale books dirt cheap through The Createspace Direct Reseller Program  Once you have completed the direct reseller application process we can look at how to sell books online. I have found that social media marketing such as a youtube channel coupled with a twitter feed, a pinterest feed, a facebook page, and a wordpress blog can be a powerful internet marketing program. Top internet marketers sometimes utilize affiliate marketing programs and other website monetization ideas to boost online sales profits. If you have a website that will help as well. My first pick is the amazon affiliate marketing program which can be found with a simple google search for “amazon affiliate central” Another interesting trend in how to make money online is monetizing youtube videos which can be a virtual goldmine for internet marketers. Not only can youtube videos be monetized, but they can also be a great way to build traffic to your internet marketing pages or to generate more clicks on your affiliate links. On top of all this I found a great way to sell products online in which a store can be built with an online auction feature Which you can see by clicking here; Tophatter    This exciting website seems to be driving internet sales through the roof. In building an internet based online bookstore we need ideas for products to sell whether it is direct internet marketing or even accentuating internet sales with amazon affiliate advertisements or Monetized YouTube Videos. Not only is it important to pick a niche, but also remember the old saying that variety is the spice of life. Some top internet marketing secrets suggest picking an open idea that is relatively small or untouched and promoting that so you can be in the right place at the right time when a particular niche explodes into popular sales and creates wealth while bystanders muse “wow, if I had only knew beforehand” Don’t get left behind wondering when or if your ship will ever come in! You might gain more internet marketing strategies or ideas by looking over my website By Clicking Here.  How to generate more clicks on my affiliate links? Don’t forget that 99 cent kindle Ebooks can be a great way to increase internet book sales even when reselling them through the amazon affiliate program. With all of the free internet marketing resources available today it seems to me like a great idea to create free internet pages promoting items for sale especially with affiliate links since we can sell other peoples products creating an automated online business which basically runs itself and once implemented can generate direct deposit payments. Click the links below the images for a sample of the amazon affiliate marketing program in action.

Click Here To See Chinese Takeout Recipes

Click Here To See Casino Survival Guide Breaking The Bank

Click Here To See The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book

Click Here To See The Philosopher’s Stone Book Alchemy

Click Here To See Alchemy And The Green Lion

“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”

Bonsai citrus trees are a great idea for those whose climate does not support the growth of lemons, limes, oranges, or even avocados.

I live in a state where I can grow apples, peaches and pecans, but not avocados, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines or even grapefruits. So the idea came to me about growing them as indoor bonsai trees. Research indicates that others have already done this with great success. There does not seem to be many citrus or avocado bonsai trees for sale and if you found really good ones they would more than likely cost a small fortune to buy. Most of the lemon bonsai trees and their counterparts seem to be located in private indoor gardens cultivated by hand over the course of years. I believe that creating such trees would be a great business idea and from what I have seen the very best way to do that is to grow the bonsai citrus trees or bonsai avocado trees either from seed or a small purchased tree. 

bonsai lemon tree


Would you dig gold straight out of the ground if you could?

Well wake the hell up butter bean! put down the video games and Click this link!

confederate gold coins

Are you lazy and prefer to just buy your gold and silver so you can resell it later at huge profits? well then click here.

Secret Investment Opportunities

Wow, look at the price of gold! twenty years or so ago I was buying 1 ounce gold coins at three hundred and five dollars apiece. Back then I was also purchasing 1 ounce silver bars at seven dollars before I began upgrading to the ten ounce silver bullion bars. As the years flew by the price of silver spiked, the value of those silver rounds, silver bars, and gold coins skyrocketed. I remember when the five dollar gold pieces were only 35 dollars apiece. I also remember way back to the days when the price of gold was around two hundred dollars per ounce. when I was just a kid, an adult told me about his investment, he was a carpenter and every so often he would go to a flea market in Galt, California and purchase silver bars. He would keep track of current silver values and showed me his collection of interesting looking silver bars stamped on top with a horseshoe imprint. Mind you that this was way back in the early eighties and there is no telling when he actually started collecting his bullion. The man bragged to me that these collectible silver bars had cost him only two dollars apiece. Imagine what it would be like to have those today! Not only has the value of silver risen, but there is also the collectors value of those unique antique silver bars. Nowadays people are jumping on the bandwagon about bitcoin. The values are skyrocketing they say. It makes me contemplate about these things and it seems if only we had known beforehand! Could we have purchased the cryptocurrency earlier at say six dollars per bitcoin? Surely some lucky few must have had in inkling and invested when the time was right. Should I pay thousands of dollars for a bitcoin now and hope to recover my money? I think not. I believe that the metals have been shown to hold their value and to produce a viable increase over time, I also believe that to gain financially in an investment situation we have to get in when the time is right. If someone buys one share of stock at five cents, and twenty years later that stock is worth 1.5 million dollars per share, that is an example of a good investment. Especially if you had bought 100 shares at a nickel apiece. We cannot know in advance which secret investment strategy will make us rich because insider trading is probably illegal. However we can study investment strategy trends and utilize this information to make informed decisions. So time has shown that metallic bullions in coins, bars or rounds have been time tested proven investments holding their worth and showing healthy profits as the years go by. Should we spend big money on something hoping to make a profit? I say no. It is of no use in my opinion to show up a day late and a dollar short having missed the proverbial “boat” so to speak. We have to make our move when the time is right. Most people “asleep” have not even begun to wake up to the investment opportunity that I am about to expose to your benefit. Wait a minute, someone made Copper bullion bars? why would they do that? The price is still cheap! well folks we are in the digital information age with everything focused upon computer, cameras, electronics of all sorts and copper is what makes the digital world go round. It looks to me as if we are poised at that crucial moment in investment strategy that we can jump on the proverbial bandwagon and get in while the getting is good. My bet is that twenty years from now when I am approaching retirement age investment grade copper bullion will mimic what gold and silver has done. Checkout investment grade copper bars and rounds or even investment grade copper rounds by clicking here A friend once told me that time heals all wounds, but time has also shown that gold, silver, and copper have been used as money even in the ancient world. Penny stocks have gained popularity because the wise investor know to buy low and sell high, and pennies are associated with copper. The smart investor turns pennies into millions my friend, and that is my advice. Article written by Steven School.

copper bullion bars

keyword tag cloud, secret investments that pay big, secret investments of the wealthy, secret investments of the rich and famous Do you want to invest in gold or silver? then click here. I have always been an adventurous outdoorsy type and one of my favorite past times has always been mining for gold. Others have conveyed their prospecting experiences about finding other precious metals or stones. Some have even told stories of finding valuable gold or silver coins, treasure and even collectible antiques. Would you prefer to dig gold straight out of the ground through old fashioned hard work so that you can trade it for cash? Get on board by clicking here