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Chicken taco recipes from scratch

If you like easy to prepare 30 minute meals with healthy chicken recipes for weight loss this ultimate taco recipe was absolutely delicious.

Grilled chicken soft tacos with Steven and Belle.
These tacos were so delicious! Roasted jalapeno, cut limes, Fresh chopped cilantro, Chopped onion, Spices, Avocado. YUM! Boneless skinless chicken breast. Prep time 30 minutes or less. These healthy chicken tacos were quick and easy to prepare.

Taco Ingredients
1/2 Stick of unsalted butter melted in 10 inch skillet.
2 Boneless skinless chicken breasts. (Rinsed and chopped)
1 Persian lime.
1 White onion. (Peeled and chopped)
1 Bunch cilantro. (Rinsed)
Italian seasoning.
Chili powder.
Minced garlic 3 teaspoons.                      (Spices added according to personal taste)
Dill weed.
Flour tortillas.
Red hot sauce by drops.
1 Jalapeno pepper. (Whole)
1 Hass avocado sliced into wedges.
Ground black pepper.

Melt butter in sauce pan over medium/low heat.

Chop or cut onion, cilantro, and avocado, cut Persian lime into 8 pieces then set aside. Chop chicken and place in skillet with melted butter and whole jalapeno pepper. Stir fry while adding garlic and spices according to personal taste. Cook until done. (Mine took about 20 minutes). Lay flour tortilla on plate. Add grilled chicken. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime wedge over taco then sprinkle on chopped white onion and cilantro. Lay in 1 avocado wedge. Add hot sauce by drops if desired. Fold taco and garnish with jalapeno pepper.

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How to grow bonsai lemon trees?

My bonsai lemon tree project. Lemon trees for bonsai for sale

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bonsai lemon trees for sale

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018 from The Kitchen Ninja Recipe Book.

Bonsai citrus trees are a great idea for those whose climate does not support the growth of lemons, limes, oranges, or even avocados.

I live in a state where I can grow apples, peaches and pecans, but not avocados, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines or even grapefruits. So the idea came to me about growing them as indoor bonsai trees. Research indicates that others have already done this with great success. There does not seem to be many citrus or avocado bonsai trees for sale and if you found really good ones they would more than likely cost a small fortune to buy. Most of the lemon bonsai trees and their counterparts seem to be located in private indoor gardens cultivated by hand over the course of years. I believe that creating such trees would be a great business idea and from what I have seen the very best way to do that is to grow the bonsai citrus trees or bonsai avocado trees either from seed or a small purchased tree. 

bonsai lemon tree


Halloween Trick or Treat Cookie Cutter Set – 5 Piece – Pumpkin, Bat, Ghost, Witch Hat and Cat – Ann Clark – US Tin Plated Steel

5 PIECE HALLOWEEN COOKIE CUTTER SET – Your little ghouls will love this spooky cookie cutter set. Make and decorate bat, pumpkin, cat, witch’s hat and ghost cookies for a terrifying party treat or use the shapes for decorations and crafts. See dimensions for each cookie cutter under “Product Description.” TESTED/CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE – Our cutters are made from steel manufactured right here in the USA, and our products have all been certified as food safe. HEAVY DUTY TIN PLATED STEEL – Great as a pancake mold, or for cutting cookie dough, fondant, soft fruits, bread, sandwiches, cheese, or craft clay. MADE IN THE USA – by Ann Clark Cookie Cutters in Rutland, Vermont. Hand wash, dry Immediately, not dishwasher safe. FAMILY OWNED – Family owned and operated since 1989, Ann Clark Cookie Cutters has grown from a small gift company to the largest manufacturer of cookie cutters in America.

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Health benefits of oregano oil

oregano oil

The health benefits of Oregano Oil can be attributed to its qualities as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory material. The disinfectant and antibacterial properties of oregano essential oil were recognized in ancient Greece where they were often used for treating bacterial infections on the skin or in wounds. Oregano means delight of the mountains and has been used to treat many things such as candida overgrowth, psoriasis, and even acne. Oil of oregano is harvested by steam distillation.  Oregano oil soap has been used as an antibacterial/disinfectant for topical applications for skin conditions while Oregano oil pills have been used as an internal health care supplement for a wide variety of issues such as inflammation and yeast (candida overgrowth).