Fixed Salt of Iron Pyrite Alchemy of Steven School

Alchemy of Steven School with Iron Pyrite. Not for human consumption. Do not try this at home. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. This Information does not constitute advice of any type, nor is it intended for any specific person.

iron pyrite
alchemy with iron pyrite.

I took the mineral iron pyrite and ground it fine with a mortar and pestle.

cast iron mortar and pestle
Cast iron mortar and pestle for alchemy

I extracted the golden water with a vinegar solution and poured it off until i had collected all of the yellow vinegar.

golden water extracted from iron pyrite alchemy of Steven School image
Alchemy of Steven School with Iron Pyrite

After the extractions were complete i took the leftover iron pyrite and calcined it outdoors through the colors of the peacock’s tail all the way to a final fixed red.

alchemist athanor alchemy furnace
Athanor furnace of Steven School Alchemy.

Alchemy peacock’s tail roasting iron pyrite by Steven School. Do not try this at home.

After the matter reached a final fixed red like an incombustible sulfur or a salamander which endures the fire it was allowed to cool and then placed back into an extraction vessel with more of my vinegar solution. The liquid became red like dragons blood.

alchemy dragons blood red oil
Dragons blood alchemy of Steven School with iron pyrite.
fixed salt of iron pyrite
Fixed salt of iron pyrite

The whole mass of roasted iron pyrite and red vinegar along with its sediment was poured off through stacked coffee filters then dissolved in warm vinegar and filtered again to reveal the fixed salt of iron pyrite. Dissolution and filtration seemed to prepare it more like “clear as liquid crystal” suggested in the alchemical writings of Theophrastus Paracelsus. additional roasting was not required as it only seemed to burn the salt. Alchemy of Steven School with iron pyrite.

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Did Alchemist’s find a secret water which dissolves gold or gem stones?

Alchemy of Steven School.

Secret water alchemy

Alchemists from previous centuries indicated a belief in a secret water which they apparently felt was known only to them that supposedly dissolved gold and gem stones. Writings attributed to the alchemist and scholar Michael Sendivogius mentioned “a heavenly water not wetting the hands and yet not rainwater”, some type of philosophical “mercury”.

Gold dissolve water alchemy image Steven School
A small gold nugget in secret water alchemy, does the gold appear to be dissolving and coagulating into a red stone like glass? Alchemy of Steven School.

The writings of Nicholas Flamel suggest that “one must know with what metallic agent “mercury” is to be fortified with or it will be as common water”. Other writings indicated a water which supposedly “dissolves gold like ice in warm water” and theoretically leading to the creation of a ruby red colored glass like stone which might sometimes revert to a red oil. My alchemy research indicated this secret water to be a clear liquid perhaps called the blood of the green lion. The bible mentions something about the path to the tree or garden is protected by a flaming sword which points in all directions. I understood this as Iron pyrite. Alchemy was supposed to be known by a series of color changes in which the color yellow is mentioned, a green lion, a black stage or ravens head which was also called putrefaction and a work of Saturn or the reign of Saturn, a white stage, a Peacock’s tail, blue, purple, and a final fixed red. In my alchemy experiments with iron pyrite I encountered all of these colors. I extracted from iron pyrite with white vinegar from a grocery store, I added a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which I believed made peracetic acid, the vinegar became yellow like a golden water. I poured this off and continued the extractions on the same iron pyrite which I had originally ground up in a mortar and pestle at the beginning of this work.

A peacocks tail, alchemy of Steven School on youtube.

Alchemy peacocks tail image
A peacocks tail, alchemy

A peacock’s tail, alchemy of Steven School.

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The book of the old ones says the path to the garden is protected by a flaming sword which points in all directions.

What is alchemy?

Alchemy book
Intermediate studies in alchemy, alchemical formulas for self mastery. Saint Germaine.

Alchemy was the ancient science and the science of kings. Also called the great work, alchemy was practised in the pyramids however it is believed to be much older than that. Alchemy was the predecessor to modern science and the foundation of many things such as the production of dyes and glassware, herbal medicines which were called tincture, or elixirs and sometimes “stones”. Alchemy was also about metallurgy. Was alchemy a real science? It was practised by high priest’s in the pyramids such as Hermes Trismegistus basically meaning master of the three worlds which might be interpreted as the vegetable, animal, and mineral stones or the holy trinity of salt sulfur and mercury. Alchemy seemed to be important enough for ancient people to create emerald tablets about it as well as the Ripley scrolls. Some alchemy researchers think perhaps the voynich manuscript may be related to alchemy. Article written by Steven School.

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What Are The Stages Of Alchemy

Genesis 1 King James Version (KJV)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. Alchemical substances may be toxic. The black stage of alchemy was called nigredo or blackness in which matter begins to putrefy or decompose after augmentation / multiplication. This was also called fermentation. The internal fire is activated stimulating the decomposition and the elements are reduced into a black earth. From the alchemical manuscripts of Pontanus / Artephius, “The whole work is done by the action of the secret fire alone”. In alchemy Saturn is the planet that rules nigredo. This stage of the alchemy great work was called the reign of Saturn. From the alchemical manuscript of Sir George Ripley called The Twelve Gates. “Augmentation of the elixir indeed”, also “For with mercury you may multiply infinitely” Credit, George Ripley 12 gates of alchemy. Saturn represents the philosopher’s lead. The writings of the ancient sages indicated the black stage of alchemy came after conjunction which was also called augmentation of the philosopher’s stone or multiplication of the philosopher’s stone in alchemy. Alchemists suggested little milk and meat at first and that the black stage would last forty 40 days and forty 40 nights which would supposedly complete one turn of the alchemical wheel, but two more multiplication were needed according to alchemical legends. Supposedly a larger composition could be done without needing additional multiplication however it was supposed to take longer than the traditional 40 days and nights. The reign of Saturn or the black stage in the great work of the alchemy magnum opus was believed to appear after conjunction but before a peacock’s tail, a white stage, a purple very glorious to behold, and a final fixed red indicating one multiplication of the philosopher’s stone was complete. Some alchemical manuscripts indicated the peacock’s tail of alchemy came before the phase of whiteness while others suggested it came after. Different alchemists suggested different quantities of philosopher’s stone ingredients in the alchemy recipes on how to make the philosopher’s stone. See the alchemical writings of Nicholas Flamel for instance and compare them to The New Chemical Light attributed to Michael Sendivogius or even In Pursuit of Gold by Lapidus. They all seem to call for different amounts of the secret ingredients for the philosopher’s stone or their philosopher’s stone recipes. My understanding of alchemy from researching the writings of the ancient sages on how to make the philosopher’s stone of alchemy indicates that once the ingredients form the composition in the alchemist egg for augmentation or multiplication of the philosopher’s stone, the glass should not be opened at all until the colors of the great work have finished and the final fixed red is observed. Alchemy of Steven School.

So, how long does the black stage of alchemy last?

How long does the black stage of alchemy last? Excerpt from A Work of Saturn Johann Isaac Hollandus
From Of natural & supernatural things. London, 1670. you may finish a work of Saturn in 30 or 32 weeks at the most.

Great Work Alchemy Of Steven School

The turning of the alchemical wheel in the upper levels of the great work was called augmentation and multiplication of the philosophical stone of the ancient sages. The ravens head or black stage was considered the first sign to appear and was believed to signify a good union between sol and Luna in the great work or magnum opus of alchemy. Putrefaction was another name for the alchemical black stage and once reached it was considered to be an outward and visible sign that the alchemist had proceeded correctly in the composition. According to the old alchemy manuscripts of the sages the colors of the great work should continue to change so we might expect to see white, a peacocks tail, bathed in the purple glory, and perhaps the final fixed red indicating the completion of the first turn of the alchemical wheel. Article written by Steven School. Visit Steven School .Com Website 

Accomplishing the great work signified the creation of the philosopher’s stone in ancient alchemy. Alchemy And The Green Lion by Steven School

Green Lion alchemy image only
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Alchemy Dry Path

The dry path of alchemy was said to be a dangerous process involving toxic fumes called the poisonous breath of the dragon which slays everything in its path. Many alchemist’s died or were injured while attempting the dry path of the great work of alchemy. I study alchemy for research purposes only. Do not try alchemy at home. Not for consumption. Steven School.

Has The Secret Recipe For The Real Philosopher’s Stone Of Alchemy Been Illuminated?

How is the philosopher’s stone made? What is the philosopher’s stone made of? Is it possible to figure out how to make the philosopher’s stone? What is the secret formula for the philosopher’s stone? What are the philosopher’s stone secret ingredients? Is there a real recipe for the philosopher’s stone? What is alchemy?