How To Create A Yard Sale Page On Facebook.

How to create a online yardsale page on face book.

Step one. Go to your facebook page and click the down arrow in the top right hand corner.

Step two. Click on the words “create group”

Step three. Click on the three dots to the right of the “share” icon under your header image, and select edit group settings, then change group type to buy & sell. Click save before you exit settings.

Article written by Steven School owner of San Jose Yard Sale on facebook.


alchemy, projection powder?

Health benefits of oregano oil

oregano oil

The health benefits of Oregano Oil can be attributed to its qualities as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory material. The disinfectant and antibacterial properties of oregano essential oil were recognized in ancient Greece where they were often used for treating bacterial infections on the skin or in wounds. Oregano means delight of the mountains and has been used to treat many things such as candida overgrowth, psoriasis, and even acne. Oil of oregano is harvested by steam distillation.  Oregano oil soap has been used as an antibacterial/disinfectant for topical applications for skin conditions while Oregano oil pills have been used as an internal health care supplement for a wide variety of issues such as inflammation and yeast (candida overgrowth).

White powder gold, alchemy

Nothing gold can stay, Robert Frost

Natures first green is gold,

her hardest hue to hold,

her early leaf’s a flower,

but only so an hour,

then leaf subsides to leaf,

so eden sank to grief,

so dawn goes down to day,

nothing gold can stay.

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Slumach’s lost gold mine

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Steven School alchemy and the green lion book

Glauber’s salt

This is said to be an excerpt from the alchemical writings of Glauber and attributed to a work of alchemical gemstones.

recipe from Glauber’s writings (part 1)

Adjoin to the red salt, made of wood or carbon, a little of the powder of white flints. Put them into a crucible, and melt them in a fire that they may become a red glass, resembling almost the colour of a ruby. By continuing the fusion the red colour changes to green, and has the likeness of an emerald. After this comes a sky colour, resembling a sapphire. Then follows a yellow, not unlike a jacynth. Then, after a long continued heat, it becomes black, and like to an agate.

The purifying fire of alchemy book #16 kindle edition

the purifying fire of alchemy

This text describes the three purifying fires. Emphasis is given to washing certain things snow-white with a Philosophical Purgatory Flame. Glauber states, “He that does not know what Fire and SALT are, knows nothing, and deserves not the name of a Philosopher.” The ultimate goal is to prepare universal medicines for the bodies of men and metals. Many references are made to various texts by other Alchemists. First printed in 1689, it was restored and added to the R.A.M.S. (Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts) Library by Hans W. Nintzel in 1983.

blog post 2-8-2017 on the advanced adept magnum opus or the great work of Theophrastus Paracelsus and others of an advanced intellect. The Paracelsus method of the great work was a hybrid cross between the ars longa and the ars brevis. The original long wet method and the short dry path which was also called the royal road or the abbreviated method and the short dry path of alchemy . This work was also obviously understood by the alchemist and author David Curwen which any true modern adept can plainly see when reading such works as “in pursuit of gold” by “lapidus” and for those who strive to read every nook and cranny which Hans W Nintzel recorded when he founded the “RAMS” digital library of alchemical texts it also shows the true level of mind which he had attained in the alchemical arts concerning the secret of the red alchemical mercury which Paracelsus referred to as “fire”. This is evident in Mr. Hans personal notes wherein it was written enclose the “gold” in the “mercury”. Such is the mark of an intellectually advanced adept in the hermetic arts of the ancient science. This lets us know that such author in fact penetrated the barriers of the inner alchemical sanctum and achieved the higher levels on the path to greater knowledge as it pertains to alchemy. Great minds of the past, and we are here today in the somewhat still chilly month of February 2017 to celebrate the coming summer solstice and the vernal equinox of spring by beginning this years “great work” with a tribute to the great minds of the past, honoring their names as we carry the alchemical torch into the modern generation. A task that is according to centuries of alchemical tradition, best reserved for those of advanced intellect in regards to the hermetic arts. As the old ones long before us said, we do not begrudge you secret art, however each has earned his or her place among us by toil and perseverance, and to those who earn this level, remember the wise advice of the ancient sages dating all the way back to Jesus and before, not to cast your “pearls” before swine. Such as those vainglorious boasters who demand your alchemical “gold”.