Blood of the green lion alchemy with Iron Pyrite by Steven School.

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Steven School Alchemy With Iron Pyrite. Blood of the green lion. Not for consumption. Do not try this at home. This information does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person.

iron pyrite alchemy philosopher's stone imageIron pyrite.

I ground the mineral Iron Pyrite in a mortar and pestle which the writings of Theophrastus Paracelsus indicated grind as fine as the painters grind the colors.

cast iron mortar and pestle imageCast iron mortar and pestle.

I ground the chunks of iron pyrite and placed the iron pyrite into a large glass pickle jar for one of my alchemy experiments with iron pyrite. I added a large quantity of food grade white vinegar purchased at a local grocery store. i also added a much smaller amount of hydrogen peroxide theoretically creating a mild solution of peracetic acid. I loosely covered the top of the jar with plastic wrap to keep dust out but that expanding gases could find vent to save the glass pickle jar from breaking. The vinegar peroxide solution turned a golden yellow color over time which i poured off into an evaporation dish and evaporated outdoors on an electric hotplate.

golden water extracted from iron pyrite alchemy of Steven School imageAlchemy of Steven School with Iron Pyrite

The golden water evaporated to a green gum which i called my green lion of alchemy. this i carefully dried in sunlight to avoid burning its flowers or destroying its green color. I placed my dry alchemy green lion in a borosilicate retort which i had purchased from Amazon.

borosilicate distillation retort imageBorosilicate distillation retort for alchemy from Amazon. Com

green lion alchemy iron pyrite image
Distilling my green lion of alchemy extracted from Iron Pyrite with a borosilicate retort purchased from Amazon.

On the low heat of an electric hot plate my alchemy green lion extracted from iron pyrite seemed to melt and flow like pitch or wax. My green lion of alchemy turned black and bubbles came to the surface like unto the eyes of fishes. A clear liquid distilled over into the receiver which i called the blood of the green lion. After that finished i stoppled the flask and turned up the heat gradually by degrees. A volatile white material rose and affixed itself to the upper portions of the glass retort. I then scraped out the black earth from the bottom of the retort and calcined it with fire of the hottest degree.

Alchemy red powder

My green lion of alchemy changed to a fixed red earth like powder. It seemed to no longer be affected by heat or fire. Alchemy of Steven School.

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How Long Does The Black Stage of Alchemy Last?

How long does the black stage of Alchemy last? The black stage of Alchemy or nigredo was also called a work of Saturn in which matter putrefies into a black earth which was called the philosopher’s lead. Writings of the alchemist Hollandus indicate the black stage of Alchemy should last not more that 32 months. This time frame provides a clue regarding the secret work of alchemists because in alchemy I have seen many things turn black during different experiments, each with its own corresponding time frame.

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Green Lion alchemy
Alchemy and the green lion by Steven School
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Alchemy red mercury
The image on the cover of this book was from one of my alchemy experiments which reminds me of the secret dissolving water of the alchemists which is supposed to dissolve gold into a red stone like ruby red glass. It is also theorized that this water was supposed to be able to dissolve gem stones. I extracted my green lion from iron pyrite with vinegar which resulted in golden water that I evaporated. I distilled my green lion per retort and the clear distillate came over the helm. (Reminds me of Michael Sendivogius a heavenly water not wetting the hands). I placed this secret metallic or mineral water into a borosilicate round flask and added a small gold nugget which I had pounded flat with a hammer. I stopped the flask with a ground glass stopper and placed it in a sand bath. The heat seemed to affect the changes which began to occur. The gold appeared to be dissolving and the clear liquid seemed to be extracting from the gold. There were color changes the water became red, it looked like crystallization of a stone occurring which sometimes appeared as a red oil, sometimes a red crystal or stone. It seemed to fluctuate between the red oil and red stone. My green lion turned black every time I distilled forth the blood of the green lion. It reminds me of a bible quote about the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood.
Peacocks tail alchemy Steven school
Alchemy and the peacock’s tail by Steven School

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What Are The Stages Of Alchemy

Genesis 1 King James Version (KJV)

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. Alchemical substances may be toxic. The black stage of alchemy was called nigredo or blackness in which matter begins to putrefy or decompose after augmentation / multiplication. This was also called fermentation. The internal fire is activated stimulating the decomposition and the elements are reduced into a black earth. From the alchemical manuscripts of Pontanus / Artephius, “The whole work is done by the action of the secret fire alone”. In alchemy Saturn is the planet that rules nigredo. This stage of the alchemy great work was called the reign of Saturn. From the alchemical manuscript of Sir George Ripley called The Twelve Gates. “Augmentation of the elixir indeed”, also “For with mercury you may multiply infinitely” Credit, George Ripley 12 gates of alchemy. Saturn represents the philosopher’s lead. The writings of the ancient sages indicated the black stage of alchemy came after conjunction which was also called augmentation of the philosopher’s stone or multiplication of the philosopher’s stone in alchemy. Alchemists suggested little milk and meat at first and that the black stage would last forty 40 days and forty 40 nights which would supposedly complete one turn of the alchemical wheel, but two more multiplication were needed according to alchemical legends. Supposedly a larger composition could be done without needing additional multiplication however it was supposed to take longer than the traditional 40 days and nights. The reign of Saturn or the black stage in the great work of the alchemy magnum opus was believed to appear after conjunction but before a peacock’s tail, a white stage, a purple very glorious to behold, and a final fixed red indicating one multiplication of the philosopher’s stone was complete. Some alchemical manuscripts indicated the peacock’s tail of alchemy came before the phase of whiteness while others suggested it came after. Different alchemists suggested different quantities of philosopher’s stone ingredients in the alchemy recipes on how to make the philosopher’s stone. See the alchemical writings of Nicholas Flamel for instance and compare them to The New Chemical Light attributed to Michael Sendivogius or even In Pursuit of Gold by Lapidus. They all seem to call for different amounts of the secret ingredients for the philosopher’s stone or their philosopher’s stone recipes. My understanding of alchemy from researching the writings of the ancient sages on how to make the philosopher’s stone of alchemy indicates that once the ingredients form the composition in the alchemist egg for augmentation or multiplication of the philosopher’s stone, the glass should not be opened at all until the colors of the great work have finished and the final fixed red is observed. Alchemy of Steven School.

So, how long does the black stage of alchemy last?

How long does the black stage of alchemy last? Excerpt from A Work of Saturn Johann Isaac Hollandus
From Of natural & supernatural things. London, 1670. you may finish a work of Saturn in 30 or 32 weeks at the most.