What is the Secret of the Dry path of Alchemy?

‘The Blackness Hinders The Fusion” is a term come to mind from an old alchemy manuscript long forgotten and quoted from memory as the years have rolled by. The clouds rolling across the sky indicate that time moves on as the days change in the blink of an eye leaving only distant memories of the past. But one must know what is pure and what is impure before we can hope to pluck the rose. The path of alchemy is lined with thorns at every turn leading alchemists astray as they become lost in the labyrinth of alchemy. The black sun comes to mind, lighting the way through the darkness. “The sun turned black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became red as blood”. An old alchemy bible quote appears to unlock some of the secrets of Sol and Luna as they are cleansed and prepared for the hermetical wedding in the fountain of nature. #StevenSchoolAlchemy

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Intermediate studies in alchemy

Voltaire, in a letter to Frederick II, referred to him as “a man who never dies, and who knows everything.” Saint Germain is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating personalities of recorded history. The activities of this illustrious master have been documented for more than a century (1710 – 1822) throughout the courts of Europe. To the peoples of many lands Saint Germain was considered a citizen, for he spoke twelve languages with the fluency of a native. Composing and improvising on the piano without music and playing the violin “like an orchestra” or but a few of the achievements that demonstrate the stunning genius of the “Wonderman of Europe.” To remove the false from precious gems was a simple task for the master alchemist. Neither was beyond his ability to transmute base metals into gold. According to the confidence in the court of Louis XV, Madame Pompadour, he possessed a miraculous elixir that could prolong life. Aside from the prodigious, Saint Germain’s strongest attribute is his devotion to the freedom and enlightenment of all mankind. His never-ending service to life will stand as a tribute to this distinguished master for generations to come. In Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, Saint Germain introduces the alchemical formulas for self-mastery. Through the applied study of this science, you can climb the levels of higher consciousness. You can learn to control the elements that affect your life and the lives of those around you.

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The Magnum Opus DVD Alchemy Film by Steven School.

Editorial Reviews This color dvd is a slideshow presentation of my magnum opus. In words and pictures we will delve deeply into my processes of the mineral work, showing each step in order, as well as the proper vessels for conducting the great work. This video shows my own actual methods. this dvd is part of a series of informational booklets and DVD’s that i wrote on the hermetic mystery of the philosophers stone. It is a both silent film, and a great work. It culminates from my own research and experimentation, for informational purposes only, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this DVD. alchemy http://www.howtomakethephilosophersstone.com

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Steven School alchemy study group on facebook.

Steven School alchemy study group on facebook.

Click the highlighted link above to go to the Steven School alchemy study group on facebook which is called the order of the twin serpents. This alchemy study group is for serious researchers of the hermetic mystery of the ancient science and not a Harry Potter fan club. Steven School has been researching alchemy with a focus upon the study of the philosopher’s stone since 2008. Alchemy is an in depth examination of natures mystery of natural creation beginning with the decomposition of matter followed by rebirth forming the compounds of new substances through natures rain cycle coupled with the dry heat of the sun with the earth as its nurse. The belief of the alchemist is that over time, matter evolves within the earth’s crust in a repetitive cycle towards perfection. Article written by Steven School modern alchemist and alchemical author.

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alchemy and the green lion, the truth of the philosopher’s stone

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