What is the alchemy symbol for life?

The alchemy symbol for life represented the universal life force or achieving a state that could transcend death itself.

Alchemy symbol for the Elixir of life
Sun and moon alchemy

The symbol is composed of sun and moon. At times these have been called the red king and the white queen.

Elixir of life drink
Elixir of life, Alchemy.

A royal wedding of the sun and moon resulting in “The Grand Elixir”. The Secret alchemy recipe for the Elixir of life was sometimes written as “join the red man to the white wife”.

After that supposedly the supernatural son of the son was theoretically born.

It’s father is the sun, the moon its mother, reads the emerald tablet of Thoth Hermes. The wind has carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.

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Alchemical symbolism in an old shirt

Twin golden lions spin the wheel of alchemy illuminating that which was hidden for those who have eyes to see.

Twin golden lions spin the wheel of alchemy

Twin golden lions spin the wheel of alchemy

Alchemy book about the green lion

Alchemy and the green lion book by Steven School

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Alchemy Symbols Iron Pyrite