What is the best casino strategy for roulette?

Casino Survival Guide.: Breaking The Bank Paperback – March 14, 2013 by steven school (Author)

This Book contains information that the casinos hope you will never learn. If everyone in the world followed these simple methods the gaming industry could lose billions. Be among the first to get on the fast track to winning big. in this book I will show you my simple techniques which enable me to win money at roulette, blackjack, and slot machines.

Casino Trip 2017 Harrah’s Casino Cherokee North Carolina.

Driving across the blue ridge and through the great smoky mountains I finally reached Harrah’s casino Cherokee north Carolina. My gps had sidetracked me and sent me up an old mountain road past rustic homes and an old church before finally leading me to my destination. I know the way now for future trips. I enjoyed a good 16 ounce kings cut new york steak dinner with 1 pound loaded baked potato at Ruth Chris steakhouse which is conveniently located inside the casino. I played a bit of slots this time but avoided the usual black jack tables since I simply wasn’t in the mood for 21. I surveyed the four roulette tables and played alternately at two of them practicing my roulette betting strategy and honing my casino gaming skills. I began with twenty dollars worth of  five dollar chips and played about 18 winning spins before I finally lost one round. Not skipping a beat I jumped right back into my game with twenty five dollar chips and rang the bell again. I earned a good days pay before switching to the second roulette table and upgrading to the black hundred dollar chips which had seemingly been calling my name, beckoning to me as it were, Steven, come to us, you want the alluring black hundred dollar chips!. I placed my bet and one of the other players wives pointed at my earnings as I won another coveted black chip from the dealer. I had a great time here, I recommend joining the players club upon entrance and booking hotel accommodations in advance. There are plenty of things to do near the cherokee indian reservation including helicopter rides, state parks and camping or even hiking. The trip revealed great nearby restaurants including a Japanese steakhouse and fine Mexican cuisine. Antique shops abound with interesting artifacts from the Appalachian mountains and surrounding areas including dulcimers as well as folk art. And now for a few pictures from the great smoky mountains. Dont forget to checkout my book, Casino Survival Guide, Breaking The Bank.

Article written by Steven School.