How do I organize my YouTube channel?

Organize YouTube content with channel sections

Go to the YouTube channel you want to manage.

  • Click Customize channel.
  • At the bottom, click Add a section.
  • Under “Content,” use the drop-down menu to select the type of content you want to appear in your section. …
  • Under “Layout,” use the drop-down menu to select a horizontal row or a vertical list layout.
  • Click Done.
  • Illustration of YouTube image
    Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel
  • How do I choose a category on YouTube?
    Select a video, then click the small arrow located next to the Edit button. Then go to Info and Settings > Advanced Settings: Click the Category Menu and make your new selection: To finish, click Save Changes.

    What are YouTube channel keywords?
    YouTube channel keywords are terms that give YouTube information and context about your channel. Specifically, they help YouTube understand the type of content you produce and who your target audience is. Optimized Channel keywords can also increase the visibility of your channel on YouTube.
    Can you organize YouTube videos?
    It’s one thing to organize your videos into playlists, but actually displaying playlists on your channel—in shelves makes your videos much easier to watch. First, go to your channel page. At the bottom of your channel page, click add a new section