Test Your Bible Skills Crossword Puzzle

Test your bible skills crossword puzzle by StevenSchool.Com

Test Your Bible Skills Crossword Puzzle
Bible Skills Test.
3. A section of the bible illuminating an ancient secret taken from Egypt.
6. What is another name for "Manna"?
9. Name a pure river from the bible.
10. What is the cross an ancient symbol of?
11. What comes from mortal man's view of heaven?
12. From whence was man created?
13. Where does "Manna" come from?
14. Who were Adam and Eve?
15. Where is the biblical tree of life located?
16. What was given to "Jesus" on the cross?
1. What is another name for the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge?
2. What power does "God" have?
3. Define "God"
4. What was Moses known for being?
5. When does "Jesus" return?
6. Who is Jesus?
7. What is the breath of "God"?
8. What is "man"

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