How dangerous is tap water?

Macon water quality report. This water quality test was done in Macon, Georgia. I tested city water from my kitchen faucet by distillation. This was not well water. I noticed excessive amounts of an odd looking white foam in my water when I filled bowls or buckets from the garden hose which encouraged me to test the quality of my tap water in Macon, Ga by distillation. Please subscribe to the Steven School Alchemy YouTube Channel.

How dangerous is tap water?

Water contamination from these and other sources including leaching, chemical spills, and runoffs has been linked to long-term health effects, like cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and miscarriage. Analyzing the exact risks of chemically contaminated water is unfortunately difficult.


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Is my tap water safe to drink?

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What is the best way to worm a dog or a puppy?

I have tried a few different products from different suppliers over the years and what I use now is Panacur – c  which comes in premeasured packets by animal weight and is a three day regimen which protects against hook worms, round worms, whip worms and tape worms. It is a dry powder which mixes well with wet food such as meaty chunks in gravy etc. It works well with my dogs and I have not noticed any side effects in my pets. The active ingredient is fenbendazole from Merck Animal Health.

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