homemade crucible for metal

Lately in my alchemy work I have been gearing up towards creating a small foundry for alchemical experiments involving the metals. I feel that this will be a very interesting work and of course as usual things will be kept primitive or mostly home made. I have been considering for some time what type of crucibles the alchemists of previous centuries might have, or would have used. I have also considered what would be most feasible today and what I have come up with (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME) is a small, homemade iron crucible. My research indicates that the melting point of iron is 1,538 degrees Celsius. That converts to roughly 2800 degrees Fahrenheit which appears to be quite suitable for alchemy experiments. The atomic number of iron is 26, Symbol FE.

My homemade crucible for metal is simply a one inch black iron cap and a one inch diameter by two inches long black iron pipe nipple. I purchased these two items at home depot for four dollars and sixty cents. The assembly of my home made iron crucible for metal only took just a few seconds and my iron crucible is finished. It does have a light coating of thread cutting oil from the factory which can be removed with heat which will be done when I finish building my homemade foundry for smelting metals, stay tuned for updates on that. Article written by Steven School Author of, The Philosopher’s Stone Book- Alchemy    And Alchemy And The Green Lion, The Truth of the Philosopher’s Stone

iron crucible


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