what is the philosopher’s stone?

The philosopher’s stone from the ancient hermetic science of alchemy seems to be making a comeback as the world awakens from their slumber of the daily 9 to 5 grind and the doldrums of watching sports on the television. A product of the mystery schools rumored to have the power to create kings and queens wealthy enough to rule over the world as “gods”. The philosopher’s stone has created legends for centuries causing some to seek the spark of truth that ignited this secret fire. If there were no truth to plant a seed, then what caused this alchemical tree of knowledge to take root and grow? The coveted and much sought after philosopher’s stone of alchemy has been rumored to be in the possession of high ranking members of ancient secret societies for thousands of years hypothetically granting eternal life, health, and wealth to those who possess this pearl of great price. Nicholas Flamel was a scribe and bookseller from Paris, France who people have written books about since he was rumored to have discovered the legendary philosopher’s stone after a lifetime of diligent study and research with the help of his wife Perenelle Flamel. One story says that grave robbers opening the tomb of Nicholas Flamel found it to be empty, they were supposedly looking for his vast amounts of alchemical gold which people of the time believed that he had created in his home by performing alchemical experiments concerning transmutation of lead into gold or even mercury into gold. Is Nicholas Flamel still alive? Article written by Steven School, alchemist.The philosopher’s stone book.