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The turning of the alchemical wheel in the upper levels of the great work was called augmentation and multiplication of the philosophical stone of the ancient sages. The ravens head or black stage was considered the first sign to appear and was believed to signify a good union between sol and Luna in the great work or magnum opus of alchemy. Putrefaction was another name for the alchemical black stage and once reached it was considered to be an outward and visible sign that the alchemist had proceeded correctly in the composition. According to the old alchemy manuscripts of the sages the colors of the great work should continue to change so we might expect to see white, a peacocks tail, bathed in the purple glory, and perhaps the final fixed red indicating the completion of the first turn of the alchemical wheel. Article written by Steven School. Visit Steven School .Com Website 

Accomplishing the great work signified the creation of the philosopher’s stone in ancient alchemy. Alchemy And The Green Lion by Steven School

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Alchemy is about the purification of elements which was called the exaltation of matter. The secret alchemical process or secret alchemy recipes called for circulation which was a repetition of natures rain cycle in the alchemical glass. Today this might be compared to an ecosystem. Solve et coagula, to dissolve and coagulate. The highest form of purification in alchemy is in modern times associated with recrystallization. Throughout the history of alchemy multiplication (exaltation) of alchemical “philosopher’s stones” has been depicted in images or phrases about the spinning, turning or rotation of the alchemical wheel combined with the secret alchemy formula of fire and water coupled with earth and air. Fire and water acting upon earth in the presence of by air.  Article written by Steven School. Author of The Philosopher’s Stone Book, Alchemy.


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