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The Philosopher’s Tree

The Tree of Diana

Diana’s Tree (Latin: Arbor Diana or Dianae), also known as the Philosopher’s Tree (Arbor Philosophorum), was considered a precursor to the Philosopher’s Stone and resembled coral in regards to its structure. It is a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, obtained from mercury in a solution of silver nitrate; so-called by the alchemists, among whom “Diana” stood for silver;the arborescence of this amalgam, which even included fruit-like forms on its branches, led pre-modern chemical philosophers to theorize the existence of life in the kingdom of minerals. Credit Wikipedia.

Black and white alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. Mercury is toxic.

The Philosopher’s tree was also known as Diana’s Tree, Arbor Dianae and as Arbor Philosophorum. It is a thought by some to be a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver, named for Diana because in the alchemical world Diana stands for silver. Alchemists however were rumored to work on the procreation of metals from alchemically prepared substances, therefore some persons tend to believe that perhaps silver was not utilized in the experiments but might have been created by the alchemical process itself.

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So I’m experimenting here with amalgamating sulfur of the sun with mercury. The plan is to bring it into the realm of the metals. Solve et Coagula. Dissolve and Coagulate. Rolling through the phases of turning the alchemical wheel. First stop in this great work is the famous “Reign of Saturn” in which the composition putrefies and deposits a black earth called the ravens head. Alchemy of Steven School. Do not try this at home. This post does not constitute advice of any type, nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here.

Illustration of The great work alchemy
Illustration of The great work alchemy
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alchimie de la pierre philosophale

La pierre philosophale, plus exactement la pierre des philosophes ou pierre des philosophes est une substance alchimique légendaire capable de transformer des métaux de base tels que le mercure en or ou en argent.

L’élixir de vie, également appelé élixir d’immortalité et parfois assimilé au nom de pierre philosophale, est une potion censée conférer au buveur la vie éternelle et / ou la jeunesse éternelle. Cet élixir a également été dit pour guérir toutes les maladies.

La pierre des philosophes est créée par la méthode alchimique connue comme The Magnum Opus ou The Great Work. Souvent exprimées sous forme d’une série de changements de couleur ou de processus chimiques, les instructions pour créer la pierre philosophale sont variées. Lorsqu’il est exprimé en couleurs, le travail peut passer par les phases nigredo, albedo, citrinitas et rubedo. Lorsqu’elle est exprimée en une série de processus chimiques, elle comprend souvent sept ou douze étapes aboutissant à la multiplication et à la projection.

Alchemy of the philosopher’s stone

The philosopher’s stone, more exactly the stone of the philosophers or stone of the philosophers is a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning basic metals such as mercury into gold or silver.

The Elixir of life, also called Elixir of immortality and sometimes treated as the philosopher’s stone, is a potion supposed to give the drinking eternal life and / or eternal youth. This Elixir has also been said to cure all diseases.

The Stone of the philosophers is created by the alchemical method known as the magnum opus or the great work. Often expressed as a series of color changes or chemical processes, the instructions to create the philosopher’s stone are varied. When expressed in colors, the work can go through the nigredo, Albedo, citrinitas and rubedo phases. When expressed in a series of chemical processes, it often includes seven or twelve steps leading to multiplication and projection.


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What are the elements of alchemy?

Alchemists refer to Congelation as the second step in the alchemical process by which they manufacture their Philosophers’ Stone. Many alchemical writers consider Congelation synonymous and interchangeable with Coagulation.

What are the elements of alchemy?

Earth, air, fire, and water.

Alchemy of Steven School
Steven School Alchemy

The Reign of Saturn in Alchemy by Steven School

The reign of Saturn in alchemy is the black stage of the great work of the Magnum opus. It signifies putrefaction in which elements of the alchemist composition resolve themselves into a black earth before regeneration can occur or the birth of the supernatural son of the sun.

Blood of the green lion alchemy with Iron Pyrite by Steven School.

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Steven School Alchemy With Iron Pyrite. Blood of the green lion. Not for consumption. Do not try this at home. This information does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person.

iron pyrite alchemy philosopher's stone imageIron pyrite.

I ground the mineral Iron Pyrite in a mortar and pestle which the writings of Theophrastus Paracelsus indicated grind as fine as the painters grind the colors.

cast iron mortar and pestle imageCast iron mortar and pestle.

I ground the chunks of iron pyrite and placed the iron pyrite into a large glass pickle jar for one of my alchemy experiments with iron pyrite. I added a large quantity of food grade white vinegar purchased at a local grocery store. i also added a much smaller amount of hydrogen peroxide theoretically creating a mild solution of peracetic acid. I loosely covered the top of the jar with plastic wrap to keep dust out but that expanding gases could find vent to save the glass pickle jar from breaking. The vinegar peroxide solution turned a golden yellow color over time which i poured off into an evaporation dish and evaporated outdoors on an electric hotplate.

golden water extracted from iron pyrite alchemy of Steven School imageAlchemy of Steven School with Iron Pyrite

The golden water evaporated to a green gum which i called my green lion of alchemy. this i carefully dried in sunlight to avoid burning its flowers or destroying its green color. I placed my dry alchemy green lion in a borosilicate retort which i had purchased from Amazon.

borosilicate distillation retort imageBorosilicate distillation retort for alchemy from Amazon. Com

green lion alchemy iron pyrite image
Distilling my green lion of alchemy extracted from Iron Pyrite with a borosilicate retort purchased from Amazon.

On the low heat of an electric hot plate my alchemy green lion extracted from iron pyrite seemed to melt and flow like pitch or wax. My green lion of alchemy turned black and bubbles came to the surface like unto the eyes of fishes. A clear liquid distilled over into the receiver which i called the blood of the green lion. After that finished i stoppled the flask and turned up the heat gradually by degrees. A volatile white material rose and affixed itself to the upper portions of the glass retort. I then scraped out the black earth from the bottom of the retort and calcined it with fire of the hottest degree.

Alchemy red powder

My green lion of alchemy changed to a fixed red earth like powder. It seemed to no longer be affected by heat or fire. Alchemy of Steven School.

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