Secret Methods of Alchemy – Science History – Theory & Practice

Secret Methods of Alchemy – Science History – Theory & Practice

Alchemy Book by Steven School. “Alchemy and the Green Lion”.

Early Science & The Secrets of Alchemy Science History

Mysteries of the ancient world modern scientists cannot explain; Alchemy. Unsolved mysteries in the history of science. Alchemy, secrets of the philosopher’s stone and modern chemistry collided with ancient alchemist discoveries of history leading to discovery of modern science and chemistry. Ancient secrets in the history of alchemy may have led alchemists to the discovery of modern science and chemistry but are modern scientists able to unlock the secrets of alchemy? Were alchemists somehow smarter than modern chemists? Why cant scientists and chemists combined even hope to solve the secrets of alchemy? Was alchemy magic responsible for the wisdom of the alchemist’s in ancient times? If 20 scientists, plus 20 chemists equal 40 people, why cant they figure out the secrets of just one ancient alchemist?

Red and White Alchemy Secrets Revealed

Cold Case Files Philosopher’s Stone Alchemy Unsolved Mysteries

The history of alchemy & secret mysteries of the ancient world continue to plague modern scientists across the globe. New World Alchemist’s unlock the secrets of alchemy and the philosopher’s stone from ancient history. Unexplained mysteries of ancient science & technology. #stevenschoolalchemy

Secrets of Alchemy & The Philosopher’s Stone

Cold Case Files Philosopher’s Stone Alchemy Unsolved Mysteries ALCHEMY FORUM ON PATREON MEMBERS ONLY. Alchemy Book.

History of Science; Alchemy & Chemistry

Physical Alchemy Methods Video Flamel Stone Alchemist Steven School Alchemy Forum on Patreon.

Physical Alchemy Methods History of Science and Chemistry

Alchemy is one of the most interesting subjects in the history of science and chemistry. Alchemical goals and methods varied between alchemists in different parts of the world. AlchemistsĀ attempted to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials considered “unripe”.

The secrets of alchemy and the mystery of matter; alchemy history. The universe above was considered to be all encompassing and alchemists called it the “all”. God was the creator of all things yet all things were created by nature. God was associated with the sun, the moon its wife. These two luminaries ruled the day and night providing heat and cold “energy” which causes phase transition to begin. Hot and cold acting upon vaporous gases in the “ALL” resulting in the coagulation of water which then enters the rain cycle. Condensation and vaporization driven by hot and cold, sun and moon. Thus “GOD” hath created the upper and lower firmament, a separation of the waters from the waters. In other words, the heaven and the earth. Secrets of alchemy most people do not understand. As the alchemist Theophrastus Paracelsus once quoted, those who do not put their hand to the fire will never know our sacred art. Alchemists invented the tools of modern chemistry and science, laboratory distillation apparatus, retorts, alembics, crucibles, furnaces, acids, etc. Paracelsus meant those who are not familiar with the uses of such tools through experimentation will not grasp alchemy illuminated.

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