Water which does not wet hands: the alchemy of Michael Sendivogius

A famous secret of alchemy has in my opinion always been water not wetting the hands illuminated in the writings of Michael Sendivogius. Has this deep deep secret alchemy been found? What is “water not wetting the hands?” Is it a secret water in alchemy prepared clear as liquid crystal? A heavenly water yet not rainwater? Does it dissolve gold like ice in warm water? Is this a secret gold of the alchemist? Is it prepared by the alchemist through a secret alchemy process? Let’s take a look at a YouTube video by Steven School Alchemy.

Water Not Wetting The Hands Alchemy of Steven School

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Secret water alchemy

Did Alchemist’s find a secret dissolving water called alkahest, or a heavenly water not wetting the hands (Michael Sendivogius). Did Alchemist’s have a secret water to dissolve gem stones? Is there in alchemy a secret water that gently dissolves gold without violence? Was this the secret fire of Alchemy? Or a secret crystal water? Alchemy of Steven School. www.philosophersstonealchemy.com

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Alchemy secret water

experiments with water and electricity

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