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The following review is from onĀ  alchemy and the green lion, the truth of the philosopher’s stone book written by Steven School.

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You Will Want Them All.
By Amazon Customer on 26 April 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
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The author clearly has a vast amount of knowledge you will want to share. I would not be put off by the photo on the cover looking as if it has been faked, that means nothing, if I was in the author’s position I would want to leave at least an element of doubt in the mind of the observer in the interests of self preservation – there is a World of difference in people thinking you may be able to transmute metals, and knowing you can. There is no question that if you read one publication by this author you will want to own all of his alchemical works. Do I think the
author can transmute metals? Yeah probably. Do I think he is utilizing the stone to it’s full potential? I hope he is now, a DVD on the transmutation of metals showing live imagery (not straight forward I appreciate) would be nice, and a book on the alchemical creation of gems would be amazing.
DEAR READER: Do yourself a massive favour and buy everything this author publishes on alchemy especially the DVD’s – ALCHEMY AND THE PRIMA MATERIA (have not tested this myself yet but it has the virtue of being supremely logical when you think about it.) Goto Note you will need to pay vat on delivery when having dvd’s sent to U.K. and UPS will want exact money !!!