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The philosopher’s stone book alchemy by Steven School. The Philosopher’s Stone Book, Alchemy

Steven School Alchemy. Do Not Try This At Home.

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the philosopher's stone bookthe philosopher's stone book verified purchase review.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a amazing book! Now i understand the Philosopher’s Stone ByErns777on November 29, 2016 Verified Purchase This is a amazing book! Now i understand the Philosopher’s Stone. Page 5 talk alot about hes life when he was young kid. Took me 2 days to Read this book when you get to the “Gualdus Wet Path” page that when you will understand how to get the stone. I understand what is the secret fire and how to get the blood of the green lion…. There will be negative people in this world don’t want you to have this book… Gave this book AU+++++

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Alchemy video documentary by Steven School. Triple feature elixir of life, sulfur of the sun, philosopher’s stone. Do not try this at home. Not for consumption. This video does not constitute advice of any type nor is it intended for any specific person. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. Books and DVD video available on amazon dot com.

The philosopher’s stone book alchemy

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This secret alchemy recipe supposedly described the secret formula and method of creating a lapis mineralis philosopher’s stone theoretically intended for the alchemy experiment called transmutation in which alchemists tried to turn base metals such as lead into precious metals like gold.

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