alchemy letter from Greg.

Disclaimer, do not try this at home.

Comment: Hi, I have purchased 10 of your books and 3 of your DVDs. I’ve read the books several times and watched the DVDs but I’m getting stuck on the evaporation portion of the Great work to prepare the Green Lion. I’ve given the Prima Materia the menstruum for the metal acetate path as you described in your work but after it undergoes the extraction and I get the Golden water, I begin to evaporate on low heat but it goes from clear and golden to cloudy orange and the green lion doesn’t appear, all I have is orange residue without the dark green crystals. I’ve spent the last 25 years pursuing Alchemy and so far you’re the only Alchemist I’ve found who is clarifying the Art instead of confounding and misdirecting those who wish to master the Great Work. I’m at my wits end. I used the Prima as stated in ‘Alchemy and the Green Lion’ and the menstruum for the metal acetate path but I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Could you give any clarification on why the green crystals aren’t showing and how to get past this hurdle.
I also want to thank you for illuminating the path for other seekers to find the truth.
Sincerely, Greg.

I have received emails from readers before who discovered crystals growing in their green lion, I have also seen this in my own work and even posted at least one youtube video upon this subject crystals growing in the green lion alchemy I do find this to be an interesting topic which bears further study by illuminated minds and I will share my experience upon this matter. Alchemy has always been considered a study of nature and her simple ways. The term natural generation comes to mind here from past conferences with fellow alchemists. One bit of advice in the alchemical arts has always been regarding the fact that patience is a virtue. Even the great Michael Sendivogius (among others) warned against vainglorious boasters and idolators of gold. Those who sought instant gratification were often advised not to undertake the great work. When I set down a glass mason jar of the green lion, top covered with breathable dust cover, (inverted coffee filter affixed with rubber band), and left it alone for a great length of time as I focused my attention on other areas of my life. Some considerable amount of time later my mind wandered back to those old long since forgotten experiments back there in the dark recesses of the lab and inspired me to bring them out. I discovered crystals had been growing in my green lion which had been left undisturbed for quite some time. The first noticed color was blue, one of the colors of the great work of alchemy and associated with water since many believe it to nurture the “stone” Sal petrae, or salt stone, a metallic salt crystal. Some of my readers have messaged me the same or similar results, green lion was stored for awhile, came back some time later and found crystals growing.  I also want to mention that this long term storage in glass incurred no external heat, no laying on of hands, the top was not sealed but had a breathable dust cover.  article written by Steven School on the green lion of alchemy.


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