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Alchemy red crystals red powder red sulfur video by Steven School.

What is alchemy? Alchemy┬áis an ancient science based on the creation of The Philosophers’ Stone. The goals of alchemy were to find an elixir of youth, and elixir of life, The Stone of Knowledge (philosopher’s stone) and to transform base metals into gold or silver (transmutation).

Early Science & The Secrets of Alchemy Science History

Mysteries of the ancient world modern scientists cannot explain; Alchemy. Unsolved mysteries in the history of science. Alchemy, secrets of the philosopher’s stone and modern chemistry collided with ancient alchemist discoveries of history leading to discovery of modern science and chemistry. Ancient secrets in the history of alchemy may have led alchemists to the discovery of modern science and chemistry but are modern scientists able to unlock the secrets of alchemy? Were alchemists somehow smarter than modern chemists? Why cant scientists and chemists combined even hope to solve the secrets of alchemy? Was alchemy magic responsible for the wisdom of the alchemist’s in ancient times? If 20 scientists, plus 20 chemists equal 40 people, why cant they figure out the secrets of just one ancient alchemist?

Red and White Alchemy Secrets Revealed